Cornerstones of my Concept

I plan, organise and execute your renovation project for you from A to Z. Doing so, I base myself on the following cornerstones to implement your project in time, quality and given budget:

I concentrate on one or max. two projects at a time. This enables me to be often and intensely present on your construction site.

I often will be present on your construction site. During this time I will execute many interfacing tasks by myself, instead of organising the corresponding craftsmen. This saves time, money and nerves for all involved parties.

Being present allows me to detect possible qualitative or implementation discrepancies early in time. The earlier discrepancies are detected, the easier and cheaper it is to correct them.

You as an owner or architect have a Single Point of Contact, from the beginning to the end. You do not need to bother with offers, negotiations, reclamations, a.s.o., but can of course do so,  if requested.

The direct and unforced communication on the constuction site (a nice secondary effect of the increased presence) eliminates many misunderstandings and speeds up the construction progress by immediately answering upcoming questions from workers.

Psychological studies show that a human being works more concentrated when s/he feels observed or even controlled. Also this is a point why the presence of someone having the "whole picture" is so important on construction sites. Your construction site is no longer a number to the craftsmen, but gets an identity. This influences both quality and fairness regarding the services charged to you in a positive manner.

I keep a diary, in which I note my services and time efforts that I will charge you. Of course, you can have a look into this diary at any time. This way, you always have a transparent overview of the cumulated costs. As an hourly rate, I charge 80.- CHF. If wanted and to minimize your risk, we also can negotiate about a cost ceiling.

I do not earn money on building material that I build in. I charge these costs 1:1 by handing out copies of the sales receipt to you.